Cruise ship at Hatston Pier near Kirkwall

Maeshowe Neolithic Tomb which is one of the finest in Northern Europe.


Cruise ship tours have a set itinerary and can be inflexible leaving little time to explore.


We will meet your ship at the dock.


We can take you to some of the smaller places in Orkney where the ship's tours cannot go, because there is no room for a coach to park.


Our tours are flexible. 

We always try to include the places which you most want to see in Orkney.


We do our best to avoid the crowds on busy cruise ship days.

*However please note that Skara Brae is one of the most visited sites and will always be busy."


If you wish to share your tour with other ship's passengers it can spread the cost and could make your tour cheaper than the ship's tours.




Kirkuster Farm Museum parts of which date back to the 16th century, one of the few remaining examples of a 'fire hoose'.

Interior of St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall parts of which date back to 1137.